The International Conference on Invasive No-native Species: Problems, Management, Control and Eradication Tools ", be make to publicize the latest advances make at european level about the study and control of invasive no-native species, as well as the results obtained in the Project LIFE + " Combating invasive species within the Tagus and Guadiana river basins en the Iberian Peninsula (INVASEP)”.

With this aim, the development of the conference will address different 3 thematic blocks:

- Invasive alien species and public health.

- Invasive exotic species in agricultural and forestry environments: control, management an eradication.

- Invasive alien species and biodiversity.

The Conference will be celebrated on March 20 and 21, at the San Francisco Cultural Complex (Cáceres). Due to the international nature there will be a simultaneous translation service for attendees.

In them several conferences on the problematic, experiences and technical or legislative novelties on the invasive no-native species existing in the Tagus and the Guadiana hydrographic basins of the Iberian Peninsula will be exposed, followed by diverse discussion tables, where a proposal will be elaborated that marks the joint guidelines between Spain and Portugal.

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